Hose burst test equipment

Hose burst test equipment is customized for static rubber, plastic and other non-metallic hose blasting.

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> wide range of applications for 6-200mm diameter pipeline hydrostatic  burst test.

> it is easy to finish testing by a few buttons and the valve

> high degree of integration, which integrated seal toolings, testing tank, data display in a single device

> digitized test procedure; the test piece pressure curve recorded in real time display for reference inquiries.

> Good observation via real-time observation window

> With comprehensive security protection;observation window with security protection mechanism which cannot operate before turn off.  Meanwhile with emergency stop switches, safety valves and other hardware protection measures.

> strong anti-corrosion; components and equipment are made of stainless steel.


1. testing medium: water;

2. Max. Output pressure: 10Mpa (1450psi);

3. Max. Flow: 8.6L/min;

4. Safety valve set pressure: 12Mpa;

5. Driven-air Max. Operating pressure:1Mpa;

6. connector

> Compressed air inlet: G1/2

> Water outlet: G3/8 

> Drain outlet: G1/2

> High pressure water outlet:G1/4

> high-pressure discharge outlet:G1/4

7. Certification : according to customer requirements, the device can be test for BV, DNV or CCS certification;

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