Dissovable Frac Plug

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WINGOIL has developed four series dissolvable bridge plugs upon working temperature (60-80℃,80-100℃,100-120℃), the outer diameter of bridge plug is from 95mm to 146mm. All models are testified in oil and gas well operation with 100% success rate.


- Made of compound high strength soluble metals, guarantee the material strength under high temperature.

- Customized formula and the solubility time is flexible.

- Special high strength compound slips(max. Strength 1250Mpa), it is stable to long 15 days.

- Special cracking technology

- Good compatibility and inheritance, unnecessary to change existing strings structure, no risks resulted from drilling out and reduce the damage of casings.  


Working temperature: 16-100℃

Sealing pressure: 70Mpa

Dissolution medium: water

Releasing timg: 24-36hours

Dissolution time: 10-15days

Plug OD: 95,102,105,112mm

Plug length:600mm


All above specification is based on working temperature 90℃, if the size and dissolution time needs to be customized according to well condition and temperature.

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