Wellhead pressure test vehicle

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> Highly integrated and movable testing system with shock absorption installed on trucks or other vehicles to meet various field testing needs.

> It has remote operation function (pressure imposing, pressure stabilizing, pressure relief, and overpressure protection, etc.) and sound and light alarm system;

> Computer automatic control technology as well as pressure test and video monitoring technologies are adopted. Control of pressure test process can be completed automatically according to the program instruction.

> Data is collected and recorded simultaneously; pressure test curve is generated and report is printed automatically to realize intelligentsia and digitization of test procedure and data management.

> All key materials like pumps, gas boosters, high pressure valves, tubing and fittings are made in Germany (or on client’s request).


> Pressure test medium: clean water, hydraulic oil, anti-freezing liquor, mixed liquor.

> Drive air supply: 0.5MPa≤P≤1.0MPa.

> Max test pressure: 250Mpa(2500bar, 36250psi)

> Max flow: 100LPM(26.39GPM)

> Pressure control precision:  1%FS

> Driven air pressure: 0.5--1Mpa;

> Control mode: manual or automatic

> Record method: mechanism or electronic

> Power source: motor or diesel

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