Seven Sets of Chemical Injection Pump Skid To An Oil & Gas Service Customer In Thailand.


On April 15, 2020, Chongqing Weiyun Technology Development Co., Ltd successfully delivered seven sets of Chemical Injection Pump Skid to an Oil & Gas service customer in Thailand. These pump skids will be used as injection of chemical reagents such as biocide, corrosion inhibitors, and hypochlorite etc,. in the oilfield operations. These seven Chemical Injection Pump Skid adopts dual pump system, one for working and the other one for standby, to ensure the continuity and stability of on-site operations and reduce downtime, thus ensuring the smooth production  of oil & gas.


The Thai Customer is a leading Oil & Gas service company in Thailand and Asia Pacific area specializing in Well Unloading and Well Enhancement. Located in Chongqing, China, Chongqing Weiyun Technology Development Co., Ltd. (WINGOIL) is a professional manufacturer of high-pressure and flow control solutions equipment for the oil and gas industry. Wingoil has research and development, design and manufacturing technology for special equipment in the field of oil and gas exploration and development, and provides a full range of technical services. The cooperation between the two parties will help to further consolidate the markets in the oil and gas industry in Thailand and the Asia-Pacific region, and promote the further development of the businesses of both parties.