Disintegrating Frac Plug On-site Technical Service


Disintegrating Frac Plug On-site Technical Service



 The soluble bridge plug produced by our company currently is used widely in eastern and western oil&gas fields of China. At present, More than 2,600 pieces have been used in the wells. The customers are mainly oil companies under PetroChina and Sinopec. In June 2018, Schlumberge used 3 pieces 95 # frac plugs of our company in Sichuan well.



At present,80% frac plugs is used by the shale gas exploration and development.The usage amount by conventional well fracturing and special operation wells is 17% and 3% .The deepest well depth where to use our frac plug is 6150m(3600---6075m), the horizontal well section is 2000m----2700m, the highest well bottom temperature is 150°C(currently the maximum temperature of the bridge plug setting is 105°C).And  the maximum pressure difference bearing reach to 70Mpa.



1)The effective sealing time of the frac plug is 36 hours after entering the well, and the dissolution time is 10-15 days after entering the well. Because the frac plug dissolution is affected by the well bottom temperature and the chloride content of the well bottom liquid, the dissolution time of each well is different. After dissolution, the largest residue is the upper and lower slips. The rubber barrel and the main body of the frac plug dissolve into liquid and discharge with the wellhead output. The dissolved solution of the bridge plug is non-polluting and meets environmental protection requirements.

2)At present, the 95#,99#,102# frac plugs are mainly pumped by Baker's No. 20 standard tool, which is suitable for most up and down hole wells.

3)Due to the exploitation of shale gas, the casing deformation phenomenon often occurs during the fracturing process.The 85# frac plug which is specially developed by our company,outer diameter 85mm and the maximum pressure difference is 60MB after setting in 5 inch casing (inner diameter 114mm). 85# bridge plugs and hydraulic setting tools are sent by coiled tubing. At present, most sets of wells can be sealed with 85 bridge plugs.


On-site dissolution

1) In July 2018, the xx well line was jammed at 498.36 meters underground, And this is the dissolution of the frac plug which is salvaged after 158 hours.



Debris collected



2)After 15 days of continuous tubing in XX-3 well where 26 frac plugs is used, collecting 1.2 kg of residue



On-site service