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WINGOIL, located in Chongqing China, is a technology enterprises mainly engaged in R&D, fabrication and sales of high pressure fluid control equipment and pressure test equipment. As an engineered system solution provider, WINGOIL also provide comprehensive range of customized solution to fluid control, gas boosting and pressure testing in the field of oil and gas, auto, nuclear power, ship building, food industry, fire fighting, aviation, etc. It is our advantage that using engineer solutions to meet the simplest and most complex situations with the high levels of quality and service our customers have grown to expect.

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We provide professional technical support and services

Disintegrating Frac Plug On-site Technical Service

 The soluble bridge plug produced by our company currently is used widely in eastern and western oil&gas fields of China. At present,

Tubing and Casing Thread Gas-tight Sealing Testing

Service content: Use helium (or a mixture of helium and nitrogen) to check the thread tightness of the oil and casing joints.

Portable Hydraulic Test Service

Hydraulic Pressure testing of large container ,separator,heat exchangers ,pressure vessels and oil&gas field transportation

No-die tooth power tong

Our no-marking die tooth power tongs are made of special metal and plastic materials. The fan is large, the contact surface is large, the friction is strong, and the oil

Our Project

10000psi Pneumatic Hydro Test Pump To UAE


15000psi Double Head Single Acting Test Pump System to Untied States


SHELL Oil Continues To Buy Our Portable High Pressure Hydrostatic Test Pump


Philippine Customer`s Repeated Order


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